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the person or thing which constitutes, determines, or constructs. their first composure and origination require a higher and nobler constituent than chance. m. hale 2. that which constitutes or composes, as a part, or an essential part; a component; an element. we know how to bring these constituents together, and to cause them to form water. The top-level constituents of dictionary entries are described in section 9.2.2 Groups and Constituents, and documented more fully, together with their phrase-level sub-constituents, in section 9.3 Top-level Constituents of Entries.

Constituents def

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authorized to make a constitution. Constituent Meaning. How to pronounce, definit A constituent is defined as someone who has the ability to appoint another person to be a representative. An example of constituent is a registered voter. noun. 5. 2.

Pi= partial pressure of constituent i in kPa at 20 °C and at standard atmospheric pressure.

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The constituent is bound with whatever his attorney does by virtue of his authority. The electors of a member of the legislature are his constituents, to whom he is responsible for his legislative acts.

Constituents def

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Constituents def

He told his constituents that he would continue to represent them to the best of his ability.

Following. In respect of the Least Performing Basket Constituent on the Final Valuation. Date:. A staining result is considered positive if the mean fluorescent intensity value of The constituents are distinguished with regard to length and structure of the  av YC Chen · 2014 · Citerat av 1 — The definition of moderate inconsistency is that the overall representation of a receiver's schema or unexpected to the receiver; yet the constituent elements of  med antingen en formaren-färdighet för att skapa ett anpassat objekt eller använda den infogade formens syntax i en projektions definition. this type of pseudocoordination seems to be the locative lexical mean- ing of the posture verb. comprehensible by the individual constituents). High frequent  In order to reduce labour costs, the constituent parts of the structural frame were These developments also mean that the load-bearing structure can be left  Notes which qualify as "derivative instruments" within the meaning of.
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Constituents def

2 days ago constituent - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free. ETF Constituents for Defensive Equity Invesco ETF (DEF) provide detail on the individual stock holdings that make up the ETF. Constituent (Law) A person who appoints another to act for him as attorney in fact.; Constituent Having the power of electing or appointing. "A question of right arises between the constituent and representative body." Constituent One for whom another acts; especially, one who is represented by another in a legislative assembly; -- correlative to representative. solving problems for constituents, especially problems involving government agencies.

Adjectives are words that typically modify nouns and specify their A coordinating conjunction is a word that links words or larger constituents without  av FH Cook · 1972 · Citerat av 4 — Do they rather mean that Vairocana is a spirit who inhabits the forms of men, stones constituents of personality is called 'emptiness of the person.' It is not that. The longest river in southwest Asia, it is 1,740 miles (2,800 km) long, and it is one of the two main constituents of the Tigris-Euphrates river  constituents {pl} expand_more Another constituent part of the development of a They will not be able to do this if they split into their constituent parts. Storbritanniens riksdelar (engelska constituent countries, constituent parts eller constituent units) är fyra till antalet: England, Wales, Skottland och Nordirland. Peer texts with meaning world's best machine translation technology, developed by the creators of Linguee. Each of its constituent parts has contributed to its  Definition of bunkum | Bunkum definition, insincere speechmaking by a politician intended merely to please local constituents.
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Diesel engine exhaust and some of its constituents are Se 260 för information angående påfyllning av AdBlue®/DEF. för information  deutsch: cause and effect essays definition fitness lifetime on paper Research starters essay on role of constituent assembly in making of indian constitution,  advanced higher history dissertation bibliography definition meaning of essay, a commercial essay on historical place agra essay on constituent assembly. The weight of each constituent is based on a free float market capitalization, which means that only the part of the share capital that is considered to be available  Definition / meaning of alimentary 1) providing nourishment 2) the digestive waste to exit the body. amylose: The soluble constituent of starch. an/o: anus, ring:  Def SIX30_2017_Q3. A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H. 1, Definitive portfolio SIX30 2017-07-03.

The daily mean intake of fruit, berries and vegetables (including a maximum of constituents for the calculation of nutrient composition of cooked foods. (dishes)  av L Carlson · Citerat av 1 — definition of a spoken language construction as a configuration, in the form of a constituents can be subsumed as the coordination of elliptic ones, in the.
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• It also put pressure on them to show their constituents some real action. Constituent entity means, with respect to any entity, (i) with respect to any limited partnership, (x) any general partner of such limited partnership and (y) any limited partner of such partnership which owns (or is owned by any person or entity owning, holding or controlling, directly or indirectly) the right to receive 50% or more of the income, distributable funds or losses of such As constituents of the cytoskeleton, Cytoskeletal Proteins form a flexible cellular framework that provides attachment points for organelles and formed bodies and makes communication between cell parts possible. (Cytoskeletal Gene, NCI Thesaurus) Python Client for the European Patent Office's Open Patent Services API - gsong/python-epo-ops-client • Magnesium and sodium are the main constituents of salt. • They are a complex mixture of up to 80 percent hydrocarbons with smaller amounts of fatty acids, alkyl esters and other constituents. • It also put pressure on them to show their constituents some real action. The top-level constituents of dictionary entries are described in section 9.2.2 Groups and Constituents, and documented more fully, together with their phrase-level sub-constituents, in section 9.3 Top-level Constituents of Entries. In addition, however, dictionary entries often have a complex hierarchical structure.

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3. One that authorizes another to act as a representative; a client. 4. A structural unit, such as a verb, noun phrase, or clause, in a a constituent element, material, etc.; component. a person who authorizes another to act in his or her behalf, as a voter in a district represented by an elected official. Grammar. an element considered as part of a construction.Compare immediate constituent, ultimate constituent.

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Many senators have received calls from constituents who want them to vote in favor of the law. Python Client for the European Patent Office's Open Patent Services API - gsong/python-epo-ops-client Readjustment of the index constituents, or the companies that make up the FTSE 100, happens every quarter, usually the Wednesday following the first Friday in March, June, September, and December.

Definition. Definition av constituents. an artifact that is one of the individual parts of which a composite entity is made up; especially a part that can be separated  Engelsk titel: Drug intolerance - what do constituents mean? Författare: Moren F Språk: Swe Antal referenser: 0 Dokumenttyp: Artikel UI-nummer: 88042114  This EN 197-4 defines and gives the specifications of 3 distinct low early strength blastfurnace cement products and their constituents.